Sunday, July 10, 2005
awesome argyle!


So here's the final piece of swatchy goodness for my argyle square. Wow. Duplicate stitching is soooo relaxing. Not that I am going to go crazy and decide to duplicate stitch an afghan a la Nicky Epstien or anything, but once you get the hang of it, it's super easy. And I love the way it looks. I think my phone needs an argyle cozy... (this is when my sister busted in on me and told me to seek help immediately)

Also, I have agreed to swap 2 pillows based on the Autumn Ripple Afghan with leftover yarn from my Mom's which, if I sweet talk and show up early enough on Tuesday I might get a snap of for the blog. Best afghan (ok, first afghan) I have ever completed!! Oh yeah, back to the swap. I agreed to swap it for this gorgeous yarn on Ok maybe this is the height of "trendy" or "frou frou" yarn, but who cares, its beautiful and if I was miss moneybags I would buy ALL of it. I could have a nice drop stitch wrap in the nude... a pretty scarf in the blue, a gorgeous handbag with the hotpink/red... and to think, I never even developed a taste for the recycled sari silk yarn but this is gorgeous to me. Ah well.

knitting or statistics... ah that is a question. I register for school this week, fall 2005 semester. Summer 2005 semester is going really really well for me. I am getting a hi B in Statistics so far, and an A in Special Studies.



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