Tuesday, January 03, 2006
fun fur bear rug

Wow. I have recieved so much fun fur from people I am just thrilled. :) I wish I was more motion savvy at the moment cuz I'd be able to get their penguins out. I'm hoping for next weekend. Soon enough I will have plenty to cast on with.

I haven't picked up the needles since I cast on for the fingerless mitts from Weekend Knitting, but I think I will be bombing through them tomorrow.

Today was my first day home alone since the surgery. Megan was at school, Barry left for work. It was kind of distressing, but only in a "I should be doing more but don't feel like doing it" kind of way. I managed to do a sinkful of dishes and clean out my fridge/freezer, so I think I did a good ammount of work. I also took Megan to the library for her library card, showed her how to use the computer catalog and how to checkout books with the machine. Then we went for our evening walk with my neighbor Jeannie. We're doing pretty good. Since the day after Christmas we've only missed one night of walking and that was because her leg was swollen! Go us!! After the walk we went to a support group for weight loss surgery patients and then came home for dinner. I am knackered, so maybe I will stay asleep tonite.

ttyl, angela


At 1/04/2006 9:05 PM, Catherine Kerth said...

i wish you the best of luck! surgery scares me too much. besides my doc said since i only have to lose 50 lbs. i coulddn't do it anyway... you are a brave woman!


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