Friday, April 21, 2006
Oh yay!

I got my prescription for Lexapro today. I am trying to remind myself that it will take awhile to get it pumping through my veins. Anita, my NP, was reluctant to put me on Lexapro since it's related to Prozac, but did it anyways after I promised to come back and see another Doctor in her office and get put on an auxillary med. I am a littwary of doing so w/out consulting Dr. Berman but he has gone away for a [much needed] vacation. So we shall see.

The gear shaft in my car has been pissing me off lately--- every time I go to take my car out of park I have to pump the breaks, knock the damn gear doohickey with my hand and just generally jerk around with the whole thing before it will pop out of park. Finally, after messing with it to the point of being in tears I decided that I am in NO shape to be dealing with it and that if I left it was it was I was going to end up having a breakdown in my car (how embarassing) I took the damn car to Rally. Of course since it's a Ford they told me to go to Ford and I told them that my warranty says to take it to them (I hate this song and dance. NEVER buy a used car from a dealership that doesn't do service on your brand of car because it is brand specific!) Went to Ford and was told the whole BS line about how according to my warranty to get a disappearing deductible... blah blah blah. I am now driving a Hundyai? Elantra which is pretty spiffy and Megan likes cuz of the sunroof. It turns out that the entire shifter assembly needs to be replaced. I also figured, what the hell, and had them look into the shaking and the emission smell coming from the vents. Hopefully they can fix that stuff to because I have a LONG drive coming up.

More drama. Wednesday I called the Neptune Society (I always thought it was creepy to name a cremation society after the God of the Sea, yes technically loads of cremated people are burried at sea but the idea of there being a cremation society in the first place is right up there on my list with "scientology"-- speaking of which, a very nice man talked to me about something called Apologetics which was like Christianity and Science... very interesting) Back to the NS. I called them, laid it on the line, and they are cremating my father for $500. I have to drive down on Monday to sign the paperwork, but that means by the end of April he'll be sorted. Which means that after the semester is blissfully over, we're probably driving to New Mexico to visit my grandma. So. I have 2-3 weeks to find the perfect sock yarn and knit her some small-sized socks because she needs them to be tight. hmmm. :) I would love to do them in Carbon Dating colorway Socks that Rock. Beautiful. I love socks that rock.

anyhow. I am getting sleepy (which is nice because I just found out that Megan did not do what she was told to do and am now quite angry.)



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