Tuesday, August 22, 2006
for my soul

I need to calm down. I feel that familiar titchy feeling coming on strong. I wanna jump out of my hide, and just, I don't know pace the floors, holler at the top of my lungs. I'm starting to get stupid impulses to do retarded things again, but not necessarily self destructive things, which is good. Nothing as scary as driving to my sister's house to douse myself in gasoline and set myself alight, just random stuff like, it's ten o'clock let's exercise! Let's go for a walk! Let's order stuff on ebay!

Speaking of ebay, I just found my dream hiking boots there. These were the hiking boots that I wore to England and then on my trip across country to Pennsylvania the same year, and the following year around the US. They don't make them anymore. I like them because they have the regular holes and then the little hookie thingies up at the top. I loved these hiking boots. Yay!

On September 30th I will be walking in Longbeach for the American Society for Bariatric Surgery Foundation Walk From Obesity. I will put a donate button on my sidebar if you wish to donate to my walk. It's a three mile walk and Megan and I will both be walking. Barry will (hopefully) be cheering us on from the sidelines! I *heard* from someone that there is a yarn store somewhere near the Aquarium (which is where the walk is being held, on Aquarium Way) it's probably in Shoreline Village, if you know of it... please tell me. The only other one I know about in the area is Noble Knits... and I've been in their store a couple of times recently. :) Oh, and if you live in Longbeach or near there and want to cheer us on, please come out! The walk starts around 8:30/9 o'clock I think.



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